Climate Change Page Deleted from White House Website

In one of Donald Trump’s first actions as President, moments after he was sworn in as president, the White House’s climate change page was deleted.
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9 Myths about Solar Panels

Many homeowners don’t think solar power is for them. The technology isn’t ready, or their location isn’t right, or maybe they plan on moving soon. The folks at Solar Authority...
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What’s the Difference Between Solar Panels?

As the solar industry grows, so do the opportunities—finding the right technological/commercially viable mix could prove to be very lucrative.

Cell-Diamond Anvil Almost Compresses Hydrogen to Metallic Phase

Converting hydrogen, a gaseous insulator, to a metallic conductor of heat and electricity, requires ultra-high pressures that need to last long enough to be measured.
1. Hydrogen atoms in a water molecule exist in six configurations; water molecules take on the hexagonal shape of their nano-channel containers within a beryl crystal.

Water Molecules Take on Hexagonal Structure in Nanoscale Spaces

In tiny spaces, water's hydrogen atoms quantum-tunnel equally between six configurations.
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A Trip to Mars: Playing Pretend Could Get Kids Interested in STEM

Though it would be unreasonable to send students on a field trip to space, a new STEM academy at Westminster College creates an imaginary scenario where kids are preparing to ...
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Putting Nuclear Plants Out to Sea

Nuclear power presents a conundrum to many environmentalists. It’s practically the only way to supply the U.S. (or the world) with large, industrial amounts of electricity...
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“IoT Bootcamp” Winners Demonstrate Connectivity Prowess

Six winning startups at the first annual IoT Bootcamp in Singapore focus on the Internet of Things and connectivity across several markets, including medical, household items,...