Machine Design

New Sustainable Package is a Grabber

Machine-maker Hartness International, Greenville, S.C., and film supplier RKW, Rome, Ga., recently devised a new package called Grab Pack comprised of a preformed web of printed, inexpensive shrinkable polyethylene film. During the application process, this web is opened and applied over grouped containers, capturing the container foot and shoulder. But each bottle sits in its own pocket so there is no bottle-to-bottle contact. The multipack is then supported and passed through a heat-shrink tunnel to shrink the primary containers tightly together into a solid multipack. The printed film web can be preperforated to facilitate the easy removal of individual bottles from the package.

One bottle easily comes out of the package while the rest remain held tightly together. Moreover, the Grab Packs can use up to 30% less film than traditional bundles and are strong enough to be stacked without the use of additional shipping material.

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