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Polycarbonate Sheets Help Conserve Energy

Thanks in part to the heat-reduction properties and light weight architects in Europe have been using Makrolon Multi-wall UV polycarbonate sheets for building roofs and glazing.

Compared to standard PC sheets of the same thickness, the material’s multi-wall construction has reportedly dropped energy consumption up to 25%.

This savings corresponds to roughly five liters of heating oil, or 5.5 m3 of heating gas/m2 annually. The Makrolon Multi-Wall UV Sheets from Sheffield Plastics Inc., a Bayer MaterialScience Co. have reportedly reduced European emissions of CO2 (since 2003) by roughly 65,000 tons. This corresponds to several million square meters of roofing surface.

The 5X structural sheet comes in 25, 32 and 40 mm thicknesses available for private construction, as well as translucent, heat-resistant versions. Compared to commercially available standard sheets, they reduce interior heat levels by up to 50% (relative to the total degree of energy penetration), while still maintaining the same high level of exposure to light.

Sheffield Plastics Inc., a Bayer MaterialScience Co.

The 5X structural Makrolon Multi-wall UV sheets come in 25, 32 and 40 mm thicknesses.

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