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Backtalk 11/03/2011

Repurposing by-products
Repurposed Materials (RPM) in Denver, Colo., is on a “green” mission. They are looking for by-products from your industry that may be candidates for “repurposing”.

Repurposed materials have “as-is” value to a second, unrelated industry. Repurposing is creative reuse — not recyling — of products, containers, materials, etc., that are either waste from or by-products of manufacturing and commerce. Examples include: Used rubber roofing membrane gets “repurposed” as pond liners. Retired wine barrels get “repurposed” as trash cans. Old street sweeper brushes get “repurposed” as back scratchers for livestock.

Native-American cast-paper sculpting
Allen and Patty Eckman have taken paper sculptures to a new level. Since 1988, the couple has developed and perfected the medium of cast paper and have trademarked their process, calling it the Eckman Method of Cast Paper Sculpture. Many critics consider their work to be premier in the industry.

Over the years, the Eckmans have unlocked secrets to the medium. Discoveries included paper formulation, equipment and tool innovations, and their paper-processing methods. This was all necessary to create the dimension, strength, hardness, textures and detail in their work.

Their interest in the Native American Indian is partly because Allen’s great-great grandmother was a Cherokee. Patty also is interested in wildlife, birds and flowers. On large complicated and detailed works, the couple often work together and both sign the piece.

The Eckman Method is the trademark for Allen and Patty Eckman’s educational services, namely, conducting classes in the field of creating cast-paper sculptured art and distributing course materials.

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