Machine Design

Looking Back: Eighty Years

MACHINE DESIGN was very well received by both the engineering profession and professors in colleges and universities.

The Editor’s Mail Basket in the November 1929 issue stated “Letters and telegrams voicing the approval of readers of MACHINE DESIGN continued in a steady flow to the editor’s desk. They bear witness of the welcome with which this new publications has been received. Moreover, the congratulatory and complimentary messages are evidence that the journal is meeting a need long felt by those interested in the field of machine design. The ultimate conclusion to be drawn centers on the fact that the broad scope of the editorial content is claiming the attention and study of constructive minds. Expressions of interest come from large manufacturing concerns, executives, chief engineers, college professors, and hundreds of others connected in one way or another with the design profession. Sales departments, with which design is coming to be more closely related, see the importance of a journal of this type and consequently have joined in the reception.”

Sample letters include one from a large company asking for some of the artwork to use in its house organ — “May we use the picture of Archimedes’ Pump, October, as illustration, provided credit is given?”

Here’s one from the vice president of a large manufacturing company

“Enclosed please find my check covering two years’ subscription.

“May I add my hearty congratulations to the healthy idea which prompted you to start MACHINE DESIGN. “In my twenty years’ experience of automatic machinery engineering and design, this is the first publication which tackles this problem in the right light, proper background, and essential dignity.

“Indeed, the magazine fills a long-felt want and I sincerely trust that you will receive the very well-deserved support necessary to successfully continue the good work.”

Here we are 80 years later and we’re still at the top of our field, thanks to you, our readers and advertisers.

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