Machine Design

A Better Way to Attach Round Rods to a Latch

Edited by Stephen J. Mraz

Until now, designers who wanted to add a rod to a multipoint locking latching system had to specify a rod with an eyelet on the end. The rod is then attached to an adapter with a setscrew and the adapter attached to the latch’s cam using C-clips. Once assembled, the metal components had a tendency to rattle against one another.

To solve this problem, engineers at Dirak Inc., Sterling, Va. (, developed a new method of fastening rods to latches that requires no tools or screws. Instead, round rods slide into a polyamide adapter. The rod stays in place without hardware, and the polyamide prevents any rattling. The rod then clips to the grooved stud of a two or three-point cam, a task that requires no tools. The new method and hardware reduces assembly time and costs. It also lets customers cut standard rods to custom lengths and not worry about retaining the eyelet on the end.

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