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Fasteners go antibacterial


A new range of antibacterial fasteners have been developed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination where medical equipment is used by multiple patients.  Made by the Velcro Companies, Velcro fasteners now sport a highly specialized, antibacterial silver treatment.  The antibacterial product range is available in black and white and features woven-hook-and-loop as well as plastic high technology hook and fastening components. The plastic hook-and-loop are used for blood pressure cuffs, X-ray cloth, deep vein thrombosis, patient positioning straps, and operating table cushion fastening. The antibacterial properties of the new fasteners also help reduce odor, a benefit for long-term use and in active products such as continuous passive motion (CPM) and rehabilitation braces.

In addition to being antibacterial, the fasteners are fully washable. Each product features a patented visual indication thread to give users quick confirmation that the fastener is antibacterial.

The company has also developed a catheter securement system said to be strong, adjustable and dust-resistant. These patches use skin-friendly adhesives that are available in several formulations. The formulations are optimized specifically for different skin types and applications as for children or long-term use. The plaster's low profile and adhesive let catheters attach more securely and is said to reduce complications resulting from accidental dislodgement. The new system can also be used in drains, IVs, feeding tubes and various catheter types.


The catheter securement plasters have an adhesive surface beneath the needle that allows the plaster to secure a variety of needle types and sizes. The product is customizable with color-coding or see-through needle cover tabs as well as printable options.

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