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Latch Conceals Handle When Not in Use

Latch Conceals Handle When Not in Use

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The 67 Concealed Pulls from Southco, Concordville, Pa., feature an O-ring styled handle that stores inside of the housing when not in use. When triggered via a simple pushbutton, the spring-loaded assembly releases the handle for easy access, providing a convenient grip for opening doors or panels. Latches come in a variety of sizes to meet various workspace and load requirements. The latch is available in all-metal or plastic. Metal versions can withstand static loads to 250 lb for heavy-duty applications. Plastic latches withstand up to 140 lb. The flammability rating on the housing and bushings is UL94-HB, while the rating on the plastic version of the handle is UL943-V2.

The latch is available in several color options. The flush-mount design of the latch eliminates catch points and improves overall styling and aesthetics. Additionally, they fit a wide range of panel thicknesses up to 6.4 mm and installation hardware is included for simple assembly.

The latches are suitable for a range of industrial applications, including rail, buses, RVs, and computer equipment.

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