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Self-Clinching Standoffs for Ultrathin Stainless Steel

Self-Clinching Standoffs for Ultrathin Stainless Steel

Type TSO4 self-clinching stainless-steel standoffs are designed for stacking or spacing components to or from ultrathin stainless-steel panels.  The specially hardened fasteners permanently install into stainless-steel sheets as thin as 0.025 in./0.63 mm with only a single mating screw required for final component attachment.

The standoffs are made from heat-treated 400 Series stainless steel for use in stainless sheets with maximum hardness of HRB 88 on the Rockwell “B” scale or HB 183 on the Brinell scale. The fasteners come in several styles, including thru-threaded or blind threaded versions, and in various lengths with thread sizes from #2-56 through #6-32 and M2.5 through M3.5. The thread design at the barrel end minimizes the required mating screw’s length and thread-type variations can be specified to create oversized fastener bodies for increased bearing surface, wall thickness, and performance.

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