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Stainless Steel Now an Option for Quarter-Turn Fasteners

Stainless Steel Now an Option for Quarter-Turn Fasteners

The Southco DZUS D8 PANEX range of quarter-turn fasteners has been expanded to include stainless-steel fasteners that have the same ease for installation as the standard models, but offer vibration-resistant fastening and resistance to heat and corrosion for outdoor applications.

The formed AISI/SAE 300 stainless steel increases the fasteners’ total material thickness (TMT) tolerance for robust fastening. They are available in size 6 with slotted, hex, and Phillips recessed heads, and mini clip-on and rivet-on receptacles are available optional features.

Southco, P.O. Box 0116, 210 N. Brinton Lake Rd., Concordville, PA 19331-0116; (610) 459-4000; [email protected]

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