Machine Design

Turnkey welding cell goes robotic

Welding is widely used by manufacturers big and small.

But large companies more often have the resources to invest in welding robots to reduce labor costs and ensure welds are consistent. Companies on the lower end of the scale may be able to afford the same thing, thanks to engineers at Marathon Welding Automation, a member of the Orbitform Group, Jackson, Mich. ( Their Mini-Z welding station takes up a 36 × 40-in. space on the factory floor and has a working area of 24 × 16 in. A Kawasaki robot handles welding and can make 3D welds. The turnkey unit uses Fronius weld controls, which include a TS3200 power source, welding torch, and hosepack wire feeder. A pendant is said to simplify training and the unit works with DeviceNet.

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