Ingersoll Rand
QX Series 40V Cordless Torque Multiplier

Ingersoll Rand QX Series 40V Torque Multiplier for Power, Precision

July 12, 2023
Next-gen cordless QX Series 40V Torque Multiplier cuts bolting time and cost with repeatable accuracy for torque-critical joints, like those found in industrial environments.

The Ingersoll Rand QX Series 40V Cordless Torque Multiplier, an addition to the QX Series, can run up to 83 rpm, which is twice as fast as its 20V multiplier. The 40V battery means fast high-gang-count fastening, and its INSIGHT Connect app offers process control and real-time monitoring.

Designed for accuracy, control, comfort, communication and versatility, the multiplier features:

  • patented closed-loop transducer control
  • onboard logging
  • Norbar gearbox
  • tethering ring for safety
  • dual-axis 360-degree handle
  • optional Bluetooth and wireless communications.

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The tool’s internal clock automatically traces every tightening cycle to the day and minute, which eliminates the need for pen-and-paper recording. An onboard log allows timestamps to be recorded on up to 1,200 run downs. The tool is integrated with the INSIGHTqcx Controller and INSIGHT Connect app for automatic data capture as well as results sharing and tool programming.

With 2,950 foot-pounds of torque and a patented closed-loop transducer that provides precision control and records the torque, speed and angle for each bolt or fastener, users can use the app to program up to 256 fastening strategies and access data, which can be analyzed, shared or archived for later verification.

Multiplier Offers Runtime, Durability

The tool’s cooling fan operates independent of the drive motor to keep the motor operating in high cycle, running back-to-back cycles without overheating, extending runtime.

Features for durability include a drop-resistant, steel-reinforced motor housing that’s made from a composite polymer and slip-resistant soft touch grip; non-contacting trigger and reverse switch; brushless motor; and tethering ring for drop prevention.

The dual-axis ergonomic handle is ideal for tight spaces as it rotates 360-degrees by pressing a button, so operators can tighten bolts in a circular rotation with one tool.

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Adaptable for a Range of Applications

The QX Series 40V Cordless Torque Multiplier can be used for everything from chassis and suspension on heavy equipment to high-pressure valves for the oil and gas industry. Depending on where the tool will be used, reaction arms are available in 52 mm and 72 mm spline drives, depending on the gearbox, and they come in 45- or 90-degree cranked; straight; plate and pin; double-sided; sliding slave kit; sliding peg and yoke assembly; sliding yoke, paddle and yoke assembly; and blank welding ring.

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