Stud Receivers

Nov. 15, 2002
Push-on, tubular, and self-threading stud receivers attach to unthreaded studs, rivets, pins or rods of metal, plastic, or wood.

Push-on, tubular, and self-threading stud receivers attach to unthreaded studs, rivets, pins or rods of metal, plastic, or wood. Stud receivers are usually made of hardened and tempered high-carbon spring steel.

Push-on stud receivers are made in flat or round styles, with two or more prongs that allow the fastener to be forced down on a stud and locked in place. Back pressure against the fastener causes the prongs to bite deeper into the stud. They can be designed to be either removable or permanent and are available in shapes that receive D, square, or other stud forms. Some are covered with a metal or plastic cap for protection or decoration.

Tubular spring clips have a split tubular sleeve for securing unthreaded assembly members. They are used where only one side of an assembly is accessible and a stud member can be incorporated. Examples are nameplates, decorative trim, and knobs.

Most tubular clips require panel-mounting holes or cavities within the mounting panel. Pressed into position as an assembly, the tubular clip is self-retained and permits front mounting of the stud member.

Self-threading stud fasteners form their own thread as they are turned down on unthreaded studs of die-cast zinc, aluminum, or plastic. The spring action of the nut body, plus the interference fit produced by the thread-forming flutes or teeth, provides strong prevailing torque to hold the nut firmly.

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