Hannover Messe 2016

Recent Items for Hannover Messe 2016


Machinedesign 21927 Promo Li Iog1battery

Comparing Lithium-Ion and Lead-Acid Batteries

Comparing the two batteries’ performance in keeping forklifts up and running seems to tilt the choice in a definitive direction.
Machinedesign 21923 Promo G3arc Flash Infographic Vf

Preventing and Minimizing Arc Flash Risk

Following OSHA regulations and using good design can reduce the risk of damage to workers and equipment from arc flashes.
Machinedesign 21921 Promo Sap Digital Twins

Digital Twins Offer a Safer Future

In health, safety, and environment departments, technology can help mitigate risk and drive efficiency.
Machinedesign 21918 Promo Maketbot Image2

3D Printing Materials and ROI: Your Questions Answered

This Machine Design webcast sponsored by MakerBot offers expert insights.
Machinedesign 21914 Promo Tadiran Lisocl2 Batteries Medium Copy

Choosing an Industrial-Grade Battery

Weighing long-term value vs. short-term costs.
An image taken with helium ion microscopy shows microbe capsules at different magnification. At high magnification, you can see encapsulated microbes on the surface. The average bead size is 59 micrometers.

Microbes Can Recover Rare-Earth Magnet Materials From Consumer Waste

Recycling these materials critical into high-tech products could be crucial as the cost to mine and refine them continue to climb.
Machinedesign 21894 Promo Mt Touch Sleeves Feat

Wearable Haptic Device Creates the Sensation of Touch

VR skin gets power and command signals wirelessly.
Machinedesign 21888 Promo G3machl

Machine Learning Improves Performance of the Advanced Light Source

A neural net helps create an algorithm that juggles 35 parameters to adjust magnets in a high-powered synchrotron.
Machinedesign 21886 G2npknf

Quiet, Low-Pulsing Diaphragm Pump Can Handle Aggressive Fluids

The FP 400 from KNF combines the advantages of diaphragm pumps with a pulsation level comparable to gear pumps.