500 Hz dispensing valve

The Pico xMod is a piezo-actuated dispensing valve for precision applications. Typical uses include dispensing liquids in hard-to-access areas, onto uneven or delicate substrates at high production speeds, and with extreme accuracy.

Maximum dispensing frequency is 500 Hz, and minimum dispensing time for a complete stroke (open and close) is 200 microsec. It handles medium to high-viscosity fluids, fluid pressure to 75 bar, the diameter of the standard nozzle ranges from 50 to 600 microns. Inspection interval for the sealing seat is approximately 10 million cycles; and 500 million cycles for the piezo driver. The valve measures only 86 x 17 x 52 mm and weighs approximately 320 gm.

Nordson EFD, www.nordsonefd.com

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