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Understanding Hydraulic Hose Reinforcement

While modern hydraulic hoses may have varying pressure ratings, temperature ranges and stock materials, all have similar construction features. Sponsored by Gates
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Gates eCrimp Mobile App

Gates innovative app to access the most up-to-date crimp specifications on hydraulic and industrial hose assemblies.
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Caps & Plugs Application Guide

Sponsored by Essentra
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How to Make Pressure Switches that Last

The author offers simple design principles for pressure switches on off-highway operating conditions.

Controlling Water Hammer and Hydraulic Shocks with Passive Control

A simpler, passive method of controlling pressure transients in hydraulic sustems can be accomplished using line restrictors.

Creating Larger Forces with Differential Roller Screws

Schaeffler’s PWG differential roller screw can create up to five times the force of a ball screw, making it ideal for hydraulic systems.