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Eco-friendly Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

Eco-friendly Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

The ECO Series of hydraulic shock absorbers from ITT Enidine Inc., Orchard Park, N. Y., can handle a wide range of forces and moving masses, absorbing maximum energy within a compact envelope. The shock absorbers use materials and fluids that are considered safe for the environment. For example, the device, along with all the coatings, comply with RoHS. The hydraulic oil it uses is biodegradable. And even the packaging materials used for shipping the shock absorbers can be recycled.

The shocks, which all come with a jam nut, are available in adjustable and nonadjustable versions, and have an Enicote II finish which protects against corrosion and is rated at 350 hr of saltwater protection. The nonadjustable shocks are also tamperproof. Threaded cylinders give users flexibility in mounting the shocks and also increases the surface area for better heat dissipation. The devices can also mount into pressure chambers.

The shocks have strokes that range from 0.25 to 1.0 in. and can withstand 25 to 930 in.-lb/cycle, or 55,000 to 682,000 in.-lb/hr. The devices weigh from 0.5 to 10.5 oz and handle reaction forces from 200 to 1,250 lb. They operate in temperatures from 15 to 180°F, but this can be extended with optional fluids and seals to –30 to 210°F. There are also food-grade versions of the ECO shock absorbers.

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