Machine Design

Economical Hydraulic Hose from, Gates Handles up to 4,000 psi

M-XP hydraulic hose from Gates Corp., Denver (, combines wire-braid construction and the strength of spiral-wire reinforcements, giving the hose ample flexibility and the ability to withstand up to 4,000-psi fluids. The hose has been tested at 125% of working pressure to 1 million impulse cycles at 212°F, five times the SAE standard of 200,000 cycles. The hose also operates despite bending around turns twice as tight as the SAE bend-radius requirement. This can reduce the length of hose replacements by up to 47% and makes the hose easier to install, especially in tight spaces. The hose, which is said to be economically priced, can use Gates’ one-piece MegaCrimp couplings, which were also tested to 1 million impulse cycles, rather than expensive spiral-wire couplings.

Edited by Stephen J. Mraz

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