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A New Dynaflo Radial Compressor Uses A Dozen Diaphragms Pumps

A New Dynaflo Radial Compressor Uses A Dozen Diaphragms Pumps

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A new radial compressor from Dynaflo Inc., Birdsboro, Pa. (, overcomes many of the pitfalls of diaphragm-type vacuum pumps and compressors — including flow pulsation, noise, vibration, low-speed cogging, and limited dynamic range. Flow pulsations and noise, for example, are reduced by using more pumping diaphragms. In fact, there are 12 rectangular diaphragms in a radial array activated by a common electrical drive. This arrangement makes for a balanced design with practically no vibrations. It also means less variation in torque load with respect to the motor shaft’s angular position. The constant loading, in turn, lets users operate the motor over a broad range of rotational speeds, giving it a larger dynamic range.

The compressor is fully symmetric, unlike master-and-articulated-rod assemblies in typical radial-piston engines. This distributes loads and stresses evenly. There is also a rolling-pin coupling between each segment of the drive and its driven diaphragm. The pins allow for lateral displacement of each drive and establish a rigid radial connection which ensures consistent positional control over a range of speeds.

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