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Pumps Just Try to Fit In

Pumps Just Try to Fit In

Close-coupled pumps help save alignment time and space in applications ranging from general pumping to deionized water.

As space becomes increasingly valuable, companies must expand their lines in order to offer multiple types of pumps. Value is added to compact pump designs that can fit into small spaces. One design option is having the pump’s casting be able to rotate or provide multiple mounting capabilities to accommodate various piping requirements.

On that front, the Vertiflo Pump Company developed the Model 1312, an industrial, horizontal, end suction pump that will find homes in general pumping, chemicals, wash systems, deionized water, process, and OEM applications. Designed for long life, it is able to achieve up to 160 feet TDH (total dynamic head) and flows to 240 gallons per minute.

The pump, which features a close-coupled design to save installation space, comes in two sizes—1750 and 3500 RPM. Construction options include cast iron, 316 stainless-steel fitted, or all 316 stainless steel to handle different types of liquid chemicals.

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