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Quick connector simplifies pneumatic and hydraulic testing

The FasMate FN Series of connectors from FasTest Inc., Roseville, Minn., makes it easier for technicians to test pneumatic, vacuum, and hydraulic circuits, as well as perform filling, flushing, and performance evaluations. A split-collet assembly quickly makes airtight connections to internally threaded ports without any thread sealants or tools. It also does not damage threads in the port.

Wetted parts are made of stainless steel and the housing is anodized. The unit is rated for 5,000 psi. It works with threaded ports ranging from 1/8­ to 1/2-in. NPT, as well as SAE, BSPP, and metric sizes. Pressure-assisted sealing securely locks the FasMate to ports. This improves safety for the technicians using the device.

The connector can be set up to be triggered one of three ways. A squeeze lever provides simple, intuitive activation (shown in the illustration). A pneumatic thumb valve is another ergonomic choice that lets technicians insert or remove the connector by pushing a button. And a pneumatic pilot lets technicians have free use of both hands. It does require a separate air hookup, however. It is easy to switch between these three trigger mechanisms without using tools.

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