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Testing tiny wafers demands miniature moves from linear slides

May 1, 2011
In recent years, semiconductor labs have become billion-dollar enterprises. Accuracy in the automated testing of the wafers they produce is particularly

Precision Miniature Slide Guides

Feb. 22, 2007
The SEBS-B slide guides are said to have a radial clearance that's 2 more accurate than the typical guide.

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Roller Guides for the Next Evolution in Motion

Aug. 31, 2023
Moving loads smoothly and efficiently is easy with linear guides that use needle rollers to cut friction and carry heavy loads.
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Basics of Design: A Self-Aligning Bushing's Redesign Increases Travel Life More Than 64 Times

Aug. 31, 2022
Discover how NB Corp.’s engineers redesigned the self-aligning slide bushings by using significantly better materials, tighter tolerances, and improving the rolling elements. ...