Nb Topball Ultimate

Basics of Design: A Self-Aligning Bushing's Redesign Increases Travel Life More Than 64 Times

Aug. 31, 2022
Discover how NB Corp.’s engineers redesigned the self-aligning slide bushings by using significantly better materials, tighter tolerances, and improving the rolling elements. The results are incredible.

Topball Ultimate linear bushings from NB Corp. overcome misalignment by using a floating load plate. Without increasing their footprint, load capacity has been increased by doubling the number of rolling elements. By using Gothic arch raceways for recirculating friction-reducing balls, ball contact is increased – adding more load capacity. The bushings have built-in end seals for a more compact footprint and tighter tolerances overall to improve their performance and extend their operational life. Read more in this Basics of Design: 

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