Basics of Design


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Calculating the Hidden Loads in Fasteners Near Edges

Fasteners installed near the ends or edges of load-carrying members often have hidden loads greater than the actual applied load.
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Basics of Touchless Rotary Sensors

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An Alternative for Fitting Straight Lines to Data

The “method of least squares” isn’t the only way to draw straight lines through data points.
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What are the Differences Between Springs?

Some of the same technology that enables a pacemaker to function can also be found in a ballpoint pen.


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Machine Design Library - Free E-book

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How IP Ratings Apply to Linear Actuators

An IP rating can help engineers choose actuators suitable for the level of quality, safety, and long service life suitable to their manufacturing environments.
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Basics Of Design: Quality STL Files for Laser Sintering

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The Basics of Threaded-Forming Fasteners for Plastics

Tips on getting the right screw for plastics
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Tips for Selecting Materials for Low-Temperature Seals

Which makes the best low-temperature seal: polyurethane, nitrile, polyacrylate, fluorosilicone, fluorocarbon, or silicone?