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Annual Salary Survey eBook from Machine Design

Dec. 11, 2023
The latest salary and career insights from mechanical engineers and other industry professionals from the engineering community.

Each year Machine Design and its affiliate brands in Endeavor Business Media's Design & Engineering group gathers feedback from the engineering community to gauge career outlooks as well as industry trends impacting their work. Within this ebook you'll find articles which dive into the trends affecting design engineers within the machine design, fluid power, electronics and test equipment sectors.

More than 1,000 engineers who responded to this year’s Salary & Career Survey note that despite challenging, turbulent times in design and engineering find value in their work and see it as a benefit not just to their company, but to society as a whole. 

This e-book will take a deeper dive into the trends affecting various aspects of the design and engineering community—from electronics and test equipment to machine design and fluid power. There are several broader truths we’ve also gained from those engineers who shared their information and opinions with us again this year: 

  • Engineering has value as a career. 

  • Engineering is embracing technology. 

  • Engineering matters

Despite all the challenges and change, design and engineering professionals are definitely glass half-full people. Even better, they have retained their thirst for their profession, and for excellence. 

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