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eBook: Material Handling: From Point A to Point Better

March 12, 2021
A compendium of articles from Machine Design sponsored by Altech.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. In a manufacturing plant, there are very few straight lines, so you need to find efficiencies as you deliver warehoused parts and finished goods in your quest to connect your raw materials with your end users.

Materials handling is a broad subject that encompasses all of the processes that keep a plant moving. It’s the intake and storage of raw materials, the timely delivery of those parts to where they fit into the operational process, and the movement of the finished product to packaging and delivery to its final location—where a new set of hands and systems again move things around.

The material handling process also has become a digital process in these days of Industry 4.0. Gathering data and monitoring the location of parts in every corner of the plant is essential to maintaining a smooth product flow—and finding out where there are gaps in the process

In this e-book, we’re going to take a holistic look at materials handling by examining the component system parts—everything from belts and cables to the look and feel of an intelligent conveyor. Among our topics:

  • The capabilities of a cascaded conveyor system and its integration of variable frequency drives
  • A look at metal belts, their features, and whether they are the right choice for your design application
  • For those interested in government contracts, a look at the impact of Department of Defense standards have on cabling, a critical component of the modern conveyance system
  • How conveyor systems have become smarter, driving innovations in packaging, assembly and automation
  • The subject of subassemblies and their application in cutting-edge and complex manufacturing systems.

Even with all of the twists and turns materials take in a manufacturing plant, a well-designed and efficient material handling system can feel like a straight line, taking your materials and your team from Point A to Point B—where the B stands for Better.

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