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eBook: How AGVs and AMRs Move Manufacturing Forward

June 22, 2022
A compendium of articles from Machine Design and Maxon.
Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have become widely accepted tools to create plant floor efficiencies. The widespread use of wifi and GPS have replaced floor tape or embedded sensors to create a new, dynamic way to move materials throughout the plant floor.  

The technology works; what makes it so valuable now is the ways that technology can be applied to solve simple human problems and to improve human safety and productivity.  

As this e-book also demonstrates, AGVs and AMRs provide a powerful tool to achieve goals for the present and, with the advent of 5G, a more automated plant for the future. 

The initial reaction to this technology, as this e-book will explain, has opened their doors to future ideas.  

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