Robotics in Automation: Working Arm-in-Arm

June 28, 2022
This e-Book looks at the fundamentals of current and future trends for robot deployment, including how the data is being managed and funneled through the data pipeline as well as the size, flexibility, and ruggedizing of the robots.
We also look in particular at the medical device industry’s use of robotics. The medical industry is among the most aggressive in its use of robotics for a wide variety of procedures—and it is also among the industries that are the most risk adverse. The medical industry’s continued example of how to design and deploy robotics points to their value as a solution and should provide confidence for other industries to follow suit. Robots have surpassed their science fiction lore into smart, effective and efficient automation components. They are every bit as valuable as a PLC or a motion control device. They should be considered an essential piece of your automation strategy with one important difference. Robots literally allow you to safely link arms with your device. Click HERE to get your copy of the eBook Robotics in Automation: Working Arm-in-Arm.