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Improved Laser Processing Performance Enabled by New Motion Control Techniques

March 31, 2022
As affordability and performance of ultra-fast lasers goes up, next gen use cases in machining and material processing continue to grow. Learn how innovative motion control solutions are meeting these laser advances and enabling disruptive new processes.

The latest fast and ultrashort laser sources are now available at a reasonable cost, opening up many opportunities for system integrators to incorporate these innovative technologies into new applications. New tools offer faster solutions and the ability to process smaller features in a different way that was not previously possible with conventional methods. However, for processes which require motion in the form of linear, rotary, and nonlinear kinematics, it is essential that the laser firing is synchronized accurately with the motion path positioning.

This white paper looks at positioning and control of lasers in detail, at the challenges that system integrators face, and, more importantly, at the solutions that are available to them that simplify system builds.

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