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The 2022 3D Printing Applications Report

March 28, 2022
The 2022 3D Printing Applications Report is packed full of information on the current state of the 3D printing industry. It covers changes in perceived benefits (such as supply chain) of 3D printing, to adoption of new applications, and more.

No longer primarily the domain of hobbyists, powerful, reliable 3D printers have developed into essential tools for businesses. 3D printing can increase manufacturing speeds, reduce costs, enable rapid prototyping, and facilitate innovation. But how is the 3D printing landscape changing? What new applications are gaining traction? That’s what this report is all about.

Formlabs created our first ever state of the industry report, called “The 2022 3D Printing Applications Report”. Filled with key insights on what is driving investment in additive manufacturing, this report is based on survey data from 400 businesses in a multitude of industries worldwide.