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Problem/Solution: Attain Ultra-High Accuracy, Precision, and Resolution in Micro 3D Printed Parts for Medical Devices

April 27, 2022
High-precision 3D printing equipment specifically designed for producing accurate miniature parts is a game-changer, especially in medical applications.

Medical device designers face a range of challenges, including miniaturization, the cost of assembly, and the complexity of designing tools for diagnostic and surgical applications. While micro injection molding or CNC machining often has been used to produce very small parts, tooling time can be expensive and lengthy. Micro-precision 3D printing technology combines ultra-high resolution, accuracy, and precision to build more intricate, exact, and replicable parts.

Learn how micro 3D printed parts have enabled designers to build components that filter extremely small fluid volumes for skin cancer treatments and that address the complex 3D geometry and tight tolerances found in diagnostic equipment.

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