3 D Printed Investment Casting

Webinar Summary: The Advantages of 3D Printed Investment Casting Patterns with QuickCast®

July 8, 2022
Do you need to save time, consume less material, and save money when you 3D print? Read this webinar summary to find out how to get more stable lightweight patterns with a durable result.

Learn about how 3D Printed investment casting patterns manufactured through the Quickcast® workflow can help your foundry or service bureau grow its customer base.

Learn how Quickcast® is transforming the investment casting industry through:

  • Speed – Deliver robust, high-quality patterns in hours
  • Complex Patterns – Easily build patterns are impossible to manufacture with traditional methods
  • Easy to handle – Produce large, lightweight, stable, and shippable patterns

Presented by  Evan Kuester, who is a Principal Advanced Applications Engineer who holds casting patterns that span the globe. 

A Machine Design & Foundry-Hosted Webinar Summary sponsored by 3D Systems

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