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Electric Rod Actuators vs. Hydraulic Cylinders: Pros and Cons of Each Technology

July 28, 2022
This whitepaper gives complete details on the comparison between electric rod actuators and hydraulic cylinders. It will include comparisons of velocity, force, service life maintenance between the two and more.

Hydraulic cylinders, known for their high force at an affordable cost, have been widely used in automation equipment for decades. Electric rod actuators (cylinders) have become more flexible, precise and reliable with increasing force capacities. Advancements in electric rod actuators have created an ongoing debate over which technology offers the best overall solution for the same application. This paper will consider a variety of factors affecting the performance and cost of each technology including: motion control capabilities, system components, force capabilities, speed capabilities, temperature, life and maintenance of devices, data collection, efficiency/utility costs, leaks and environmental concerns, and more.

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