Movicon Web Hmi Webinar Introduction Session (1)

Improve the efficiency of your operators by creating high-performance HMIs

June 15, 2023
This paper will guide you through HMI interface design principles that will improve your operators’ response time and alarm resolution while providing sufficient machine and process information to support effective maintenance and safe operations.

Requirements such as the 2015 ISA-101 HMI Design Standard help plant operators in many industries establish a benchmark for monitoring and maintaining functional equipment. But as a facility owner, manager, or operator, you know that more is at stake than complying with standards and regulations. To reduce human error and maintain high performance and safety practices, operators on the plant floor depend on HMI that is intuitive and well-designed, and that supports quick response time and real-time representations of conditions and machine performance. Plant controllers depend on advanced HMI to deepen SCADA insights and access performance data from any location

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