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Celebrating Juno’s Arrival at Jupiter this Weekend

Engineers and scientists at NASA will be spending some tense time at NASA’s mission control as the four-ton spacecraft Juno ends its five-year, 1.74 billion-mile journey to Jupiter...
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Darpa’s Race for a Special Ops Motorcycle

Soldiers in the U.S. Special Operations, such as Navy Seals and Army Rangers, could soon see a new tool in their arsenal...
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TARC Eyes STEM by Immersing Youth in Rocket Science

Teen participants have a blast with the Team America Rocket Challenge, which creates a fun and competitive environment for kids to gain interest in STEM.
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What’s the Difference Between Turbine Engines?

Similarities exist in the basic composition of turbine engines ranging from turbojet to turbofan, but the differences are obviously stark in terms of delivery.
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4 More Incredibly Over-Engineered Aircraft

As a follow-up to our recent image gallery, here are four more aircraft that have flown longer than most others. It could be because aircraft designers in the past tended to overdesign...
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“Thing Explainer” Book Breaks Down Science Using Common Words

Randall Monroe is a former NASA roboticist who wants to explain “complicated stuff in simple words.” He is the creator of the xkcd webcomic and a science blogger...

2015 Engineering Compensation Survey: Facing New Challenges in a Changing Industry

View the results of the 2015 Machine Design Engineering Salary Survey as we take a closer look at the numbers and offer insights into the typical engineer, the current workplace...
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High-Tech Seal Provides Another Level of Security

Using unique functions, tamper-proof seal can tell users if anyone has opened a container or tried to defeat the seal.
Photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin collaborated with Sikorsky to build the MH-60 naval helicopter.

Lockheed Martin to Purchase Sikorsky Aircraft

Lockheed Martin has entered a $9.0-billion definitive agreement to acquire United Technologies’ Sikorsky Aircraft, a global provider of military and commercial helicopters.