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Look Who’s Talking: Automate 2023 Keynotes, Topics and Quick Links

May 17, 2023
Amp up your understanding of automation technologies—robotics, machine vision, AI, motion control, assembly automation, sensors and more.

This year’s Automate Show is likely to be the biggest yet.

Event organizers A3 (Association for Advancing Automation) confirmed that more than 150 talks can be expected at the event that takes place across 300,000 square feet of exhibit space, with more than 750+ exhibitors and 25,000 registrants.

Automate 2023 will feature a dynamic lineup of speakers who no doubt will have a few things to say about driving manufacturing and automation forward.

A3 arranged a pre-event interview with Barbara Humpton, president & CEO, Siemens Corporation USA, to gauge her views on how the benefits of automating. Humpton’s deceptively simple response to a question about automation’s shared experience amongst industries revealed an approach that’s universally applicable, and is worth sharing.

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“You know, the very first thing we do is we put in sensors and we begin to gather data about our operations,” Humpton said. “Then the next thing we do is we say, how could we use that data to make what we currently do more effective? Then we take that to the next level and say, well wait a minute, what could we actually do differently? And that leads us to new business models, new relationships with other companies, new relationships—even, I'd say, in a competitive field. And all of that is transformative.”

Here follows the week’s keynote list:

A NASA-Inspired Approach to Leading Innovation in Any Organization

Gregory Robinson, former director, NASA, James Webb Space Telescope, will open the show with inspiring messages about what it takes to succeed. A consummate leader who spent 33 years at NASA and managed some of the world’s most accomplished scientists and engineers, Robinson will inspire audiences with his perspective on leading innovation. He emphasizes soft skills such as knowing when to lead and support, collaboration, problem-solving and knowing where to go to source advice. His down-to-earth message will show “how the human element is more critical than ever to driving transformation and achieving our most ambitious goals.”

Mon., May 22, 9-9:45 a.m.

Grand Riverview Ballroom

Lessons on Leadership

Tom Izzo, head coach, Michigan State University Men’s Basketball Program, will share leadership lessons from his life’s work a Hall of Fame basketball coach and a beloved mentor. Izzo was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016 for his winning record—including a career record of 606-232 leading into this season; eight Final Fours under the belt; and 86% of his players left with a college degree. Izzo’s spot among the all-time greats positions him as a go-to for lessons on pursuing results.

Tues., May 23, 9-9:45 a.m.

Grand Riverview Ballroom

How Digitalization has Transformed Manufacturing—And our Future

Barbara Humpton, president & CEO, Siemens Corporation USA, views the true purpose of technology as expanding what’s humanly possible. Siemens USA employs about 45,000 people serving customers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico and generated $18.6 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2022, noted her bio. These stats signal that Humpton leads the company’s largest market. When she returns to Automate 2023 this year, her focus will unpack not only the terrain covered since the term Industry 4.0 was popularized 10 years ago, but will explore where we go next and what it will take to get there.

Wed., May 24, 9-9:45 a.m.

Grand Riverview Ballroom

How the 5G Platform is Enabling the Next Generation of Lean Production

Jan Diekmann, technical account manager, Ericsson, will show audiences how to cut the wires. Focusing on how 5G is taking production into the age of digitalization, Diekmann will bring the 5G platform to life with his insights on how to apply 5G’s capacity to handle massive amounts of data with low latency and support lean methodologies in a powerful way.

Thurs., May 25, 9-9:45 a.m.

Grand Riverview Ballroom

Fill your calendar with more speaker sessions on the latest insights, trends and challenges on automation and robotics research. Don’t miss the IFR Executive Roundtable, The Automate Startup Challenge, AI & ChatGPT Advancements and more in the Automate Theater.

The annual show takes place at Huntington Place Convention Center, Detroit, Mich.

If you’re planning to attend, an All Access Pass provides entrance to all conference sessions, and allows you to walk the show floor to view exhibitor booths. Attendees may register at no cost.

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