IBM's new chip skips the next generation of microprocessors.

Microprocessor Skips a Generation Down to 7 nm

IBM has made a surprising breakthrough with its new microprocessor chip.
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What Methodology Best Fits 2D-Material Fabrication?

Next year may reveal the early adopters for the mass production of the first 2D material—graphene—which may lay the groundwork for other 2D materials.
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High-Rise Chips Avoid Conventional IC Limitations

An engineering team at Stanford University has devised a way to improve computer chips by making them taller.
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Energy Efficiency Drops Off the Radar for Semiconductor Fabs

Energy is taking a back seat to concerns about explosions and fires that could arise from energetic materials used in emerging semiconductor manufacturing facilities.
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Synthetic Diamond Manufacturer Feeds Expanding Semiconductor Industry and Emerging Markets

Element Six’s chemical-vapor-deposition (CVD) synthetic-diamond windows enable a range of optical applications such as high-power CO₂ lasers and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography...
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Photochemically etched lead frames

Custom-designed, photochemically etched surface-mount and insert-mount lead frames for integrated circuit manufacturing are now available. The frame’s base materials include ...
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Piezos in semiconductor manufacturing

Miniscule chips require immense precision Moore's Law states that computing power on integrated circuits (ICs) grows exponentially doubling every two