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Image Courtesy of Statoil
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Concrete Floating Turbine Economizes Wind Power

Statoil recently revealed plans to set up five of its Hywind cylindrical-float turbines in what’s deemed as the first floating wind farm.
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Cellulose Substrate Eyed for 3D Supercapacitor Technology

A one-step process seeds cellulose aerogel with conductive nanoparticles to create a flexible 3D superconductor with high capacitance and conductance.
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Fill ‘er Up at NREL’s Hydrogen-Fueling Center

The NREL introduces another hydrogen fueling station for fuel-cell vehicles as part of its technology validation effort.
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CO₂: Clean for Cooling and Cool for Cleaning

CO₂ is an abundant resource that can be used to cool, clean, and perform several other functions.

2015 Engineering Compensation Survey: Facing New Challenges in a Changing Industry

View the results of the 2015 Machine Design Engineering Salary Survey as we take a closer look at the numbers and offer insights into the typical engineer, the current workplace...
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Aircraft Ball Bearing Achieves 4 Million Millimeters Per Minute

The new bearing falls in line with the push for greater aircraft-engine efficiency over the next two decades, as environmental and climate-protection legislation imposes stricter...
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3D Printing of Airway Tissue Advances Research Capabilities

A single 3D-printer head prints complex tissue with a customized phenotype for pharmaceutical testing.
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Nuclear Gets a Nod in Clean Power Plan, but No Love in the Press

While the world is racing to cut carbon emissions, let’s not forget nuclear is a strong technology to couple with renewables.
Photo courtesy of the University of Texas at Arlington
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Solar-Power Battery Continues Charging Without Sunlight

This new solar battery may be the key to continuous power, even when there are breaks in sunlight.