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Better by Design: Tip-top tap-ready conveyor

Better by Design: Tip-top tap-ready conveyor

Conveyors are no strangers to dust: It's generated by rubbing corrugated boxes during packaging, the conveying of pet food or bakery confectionary, and in the processing of other granular products that go airborne and then settle. The trouble is that the very T-slots that simplify attachment of accessories to conveyors in these applications also collect and trap dust.

To address this issue, Dorner Mfg. Corp., Hartland, Wis., now offers DustPruf 2300 and 5300 Series conveyors that feature solid sides with indented guide grooves called SmartSlots — thin, continuous racing stripes that mark the sections of conveyor frame engineered to be thinnest and easily tapped — for the mounting of guides and automation accessories with self-tapping screws and a cordless drill, even on curved sections.

The new conveyors are suitable for dusty or dirty environments requiring occasional wipedown or spot cleaning, or in medical and pharmaceutical production, where dust is unacceptable. An FDA-approved, low-friction bedplate coating also reduces friction with the conveyor belt by 20% — so load capacity is increased that much for a given motor.


On display: Dorner DustPruf 2300 and 5300 Series conveyors

Key features: Streamlined design (with SmartSlots in the frame) eliminates points where particulates or debris can collect; recyclable aluminum frame

2300 Series: Widths range from 2 in. to 2 ft; lengths to 24 ft; motor at end or center of conveyor; same gearmotors, mounts, drive packages, and service parts as 2200 Series

5300 Series: Widths range from 8 in. to 3 ft (in 2-in. increments), lengths to 83 ft; end, nosebar, curve, and nosebar curve models; speeds to 260 ft/min., same gearmotors and mounts as 5200 QWIK conveyor

What it means to you: All the integration and add-on capabilities of a T-slot without the drawback of slots that collect debris

What else: Five-day delivery from time of order; comes with compatible stands with the same SmartSlot structure; reconfiguration is fast and convenient, and designers can easily convert 90° left-turning curves to right-turning curves; made in the USA

Innovator: Dorner Manufacturing Corp. (800) 397-8664 •

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