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Compact Step Motors Target Space-Limited Applications

Applied Motion Products offers compact step motors in NEMA sizes 8, 11, and 14 for applications with limited space
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Which Motors Are the Best: Servos or Steppers?

Closed-loop stepper motors may be the best choice for tasks typically done by servos because traditional steppers couldn’t handle them.
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Sensor Monitors More Brain Neurons

Scientists could soon have a long-term, real-time window into how the brain communicates within itself.
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Learn How Microstepping Can Provide Smoother Motor Motion

Microstepping and Microstep Emulation represent major advancements in step motor technology.
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Rolling-ring drive with controller for linear motion

Rolling-ring drive with controller for linear motion
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Wave Springs Pack More Force Into Less Space

Free Whitepaper: Flat wire wave springs offer significant advantages over traditional spring designs such as coils and discs.
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High-Speed Motor and Encoder Pair Has Resolutions Down to 1.25 µm

Two new direct-drive linear motors in Moticont's SDLM line feature a linear optical quadrature encoder to enhance accuracy.