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Overload safety couplings - Zero-Max

Torq-Tender overload safety couplings, for washdown applications, clean up easily, won’t corrode, and operate in a wide temperature range. The couplings provide torque limiting and coupling functions and serve both as a safety device and coupling in power-transmission systems by protecting motor and drive systems from jam-ups and excessive overloading.

A special seal and modified housing resists water intrusion and outside contamination. A food-grade lubricant makes them suitable for food-processing and packaging systems.

Operation of these Torq-Tenders, like all models, is simple and automatic. When a load exceeds the preset precision-tempered torque-spring rating, the coupling’s drive mechanism pivots out of an engagement slot, disengaging the prime mover from the load, providing overload protection. Once the overload is removed and speed is reduced, the coupling resets itself automatically. The single position reengagement point maintains equipment timing and positioning.

Available in torque ranges from 2 to 3,000 lb-in., Torq-Tenders provide tamperproof preset torque settings that do not require costly and potentially risky calibration procedures. As a coupling, it handles up to 1.5° of angular misalignment and maximum parallel misalignment of 0.005 to 0.015 in.

Zero-Max, 13200 Sixth Ave. N, Plymouth, MN 55441, (800) 533-1731,

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