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Shaft locker

Shaft locker

Now there is a way to lock components onto shafts and spindles where installation perpendicular to the shaft is not possible: Similar to threaded versions, the new Bearlok uses a set of evenly spaced socket-head capscrews to engage a high-strength tapered sliding collar, to evenly exert inward locking pressure to the shaft or spindle, while resisting the backwards creeping motion associated with other keyless locking devices.

This keyless shaft lock secures bearings, gears, pulleys, and other power transmission components to shafts and spindles while ensuring precise alignment, squareness, and axial location; it is engineered for applications where a balanced locking device is required for higher speed, and where greater holding strength must counteract shock and vibration. With more precise alignment and greater holding power than other locking collars, it is more suitable for an array of machinery and equipment.


On display: BLC, BL, and BLM (metric) Bearlok

Key features: Secures components to shafts when tangential access is not available; exhibits low shaft-to-face runout, for precise assembly

What it means to you: Better-aligned components with up to three times the holding power of conventional collars — without putting installation personnel through difficult mounting procedures

What else: Available for smooth-shaft diameters of 0.750 to 2.500 in., and for threaded shafts with ANSI/ASME threads 0.391-32 through 13.723-6 — Metric M10-0.75 through M200X3

Innovator: Whittet Higgins Co.
Central Falls, R.I.
(401) 728-0700

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