Swivel unit

Swivel unit

The DRL swivel unit consists of a strong short-stroke cylinder and a rack-pinion rotary actuator. Designed for high-speed assembly, the unit’s curved roller guide positively tracks through its motion range letting it achieve 90 cycles/min at minimum payload. A pneumatically driven rack-and-pinion drive provides rotation, and the vertical axis is driven by a pneumatic piston. Both rotation and lift are precisely coordinated with the curved roller guide.  
Two versions are available: 0 to 90 or 0 to 180° rotation. End positions are adjustable with accuracies of ±2° on either end. The rack-and-pinion drive generates 2.7 Nm of torque at 5 bar. The DRL’s vertical stroke is 20 or 40 mm and can be adjusted to pick at one height and place at another.  
Maximum linear vertical stroke is 20 to 40 mm with adjustability up to 10 mm and a maximum difference in elevation of 10 mm. If the manufacturing process is interrupted and the DRL must stop, there are two programmable positions where it can work until the interruption is cleared.
Schunk, 211 Kitty Hawk Dr., Morrisville, NC 27560, (919) 572-2818, www.schunk.com

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