Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation’s On-Machine offering was designed for machine control. The components are suitable for harsh environments and ideal for material handling and conveyor applications.

Distributed Motor Control: Design Uptime into Component Setup

March 12, 2024
Rockwell Automation’s suite of On-Machine solutions enable easy access to components so personnel can address problems at the source.

The latest addition to Rockwell Automation’s On-Machine product portfolio reimagines design and access to control units. The range consists of rugged, compact, plug-and-play automation components that can be field mounted outside of an electrical cabinet, thereby bringing them much closer to the component and achieving new levels of performance with fewer components. 

For instance, flexible mounting orientations enable drives to be located closer to the motor, and by extension enable operations and maintenance personnel to increase uptime by troubleshooting at the source.

Rockwell Automation noted that the modular approach has shown benefits to control panel setup by reducing cabling by up to 90% and that by scaling down or eliminating temperature control systems, companies can lower the resources and energy expended in the manufacturing process. On-Machine also supports automation systems in ways that are modular and scalable relative to traditional systems. 

“Manufacturers are facing market trends that quickly change and consumers that are demanding more customization and innovation,” said Joe Azzolina, senior product manager, Armor PowerFlex, Rockwell Automation. “On-Machine solutions are less constrained by physical boundaries such as enclosure size or ridge architectures. This means that modular design is easier to achieve, and OEMs and end-users alike can be adaptive and build for the future.”

The following components are included in the latest offering:

  • ArmorKinetix Distributed Servo Drives. Provides high-performance of the Kinetix 5700 platform in a compact, IP66/67 rated form factor, configurable as near-motor drive or integrated drive-motor solution.
  • ArmorBlock 5000 I/O Blocks. Offers ratings up to IP69K, three power variants, flexible mounting options and use IO-Link technology for harsh environments.
  • Armor PowerFlex Drives. Provides On-Machine VFD motor control solutions that enable more smart, safe, secure and simple operations, featuring gigabit dual-port EtherNet/IP communication with hardware and network safety features.
  • ASEM 6300PA On-Machine Industrial PCs. Helps save time, space and installation cost. With a fanless design and wide temperature specs, these PCs are built to deliver years of reliable operation.

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