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The Past, Present, and Future of Springs

4D and 2D innovations are going to change the uses of springs and how they are manufactured.
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Choosing the Right Metal Bellows

An in-depth look on how to specify different bellows and ultimately choose the right one.
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Stock and custom springs

New and expanded product lines featuring unique designs and corrosion-resistant materials are covered in the 2014 Stock Springs & Custom Springs catalog. Offerings include high...
Courtesy Robotics & Multibody Mechanics Research Group, Vrije Universiteit, Brussels
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Exclusive interview: Gill Pratt on how compliant actuators revolutionized robotics

DARPA’s Gill Pratt explains compliant actuators for robotic design.
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Eco-friendly Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

The ECO Series of hydraulic shock absorbers from ITT Enidine Inc., Orchard Park, N. Y. (www.enidine.com), can handle a wide range of forces and moving masses, absorbing maximum...

Machined springs - Helical Products Co. Inc.

Customized machined springs let designers integrate multiple features into one piece.

Mini bellows contact springs - Servometer/PMG LLC

Miniature bellows contact springs ensure reliable electrical connection when tolerance buildup, vibration, and thermal expansion becomes a problem with lifetime spring and force...