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Empowering Innovation: The Inspiring Journey of “Monster” Mike Schultz in Prosthetic Design, Athletic Achievement

Discover how Schultz’s collaboration with Protolabs has transformed prosthetic design and enabled state-of-the-art advancements for athletes at all levels—from recreational enthusiasts...

Is Your Technology Innovative Enough to Edge Out the Competition?

Enter the 2024 EDGE Awards to highlight the design and engineering products, technology, services and software that multidisciplinary engineers are using in the ever-evolving ...

Game-changing Assistive Technology: Toward Robotic Leg Control that Interacts with the Brain

Part 1 of a three-part series unpacks how a researcher strives to improve performance by merging neuroscience and human motor control with robotics and artificial intelligence...
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Two-Shot Molding: The Advantages, Considerations and Real-World Applications

C&J Industries acquired a 220-ton Nissei two-shot press so they could accommodate the jobs they had been having to turn away.
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Elevating Precision Manufacturing with CNC Micromachining

Micromachining is used to design and create small, delicate parts, especially in the electronics and medical device industries. The author lays out the main benefits and the best...
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Insights from MD&M West: Keynotes, Sessions and Exhibits

The medical design and manufacturing event addressed the needs of the growing medical device industry through presentations and exhibits that did not disappoint.
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ICYMI: What Was Displayed at IME West 2024?

We rounded up just a few of the products and technology you missed if you weren’t able to attend the show.
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MD&M West 2024: Record-setting Rainfall Didn’t Keep Attendees Away from the Monday MiniTec Track

The opening day of sessions didn’t disappoint as the MiniTec track was well-attended, despite the weather.
Outlook on Precision Manufacturing of Medical Devices

MD&M West 2024: Brace for a Medical Devices Value Chain Overhaul

Ascential Technologies’ Todd Martensen helps us ramp up for MD&M West 2024 by discussing the dynamics behind revitalizing the value chain.