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Machine Design Tips the Hat to Contributors of Note in 2023

Catch up on technology updates you’ve been meaning to read about all year. Links are provided at your fingertips.

Annual Salary Survey eBook from Machine Design

The latest salary and career insights from mechanical engineers and other industry professionals from the engineering community.
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Medical Device Maker Enhances its Packaging 3D Printing Workflow with a Benchtop Multiplier Pressure Former

When its FDM process alone was inefficient for creating prototypes, Oertli 3D printed positive molds to serve as a thermoforming template for the Mayku Multiplier.
Ruland Manufacturing Inc.

Ruland’s Zero-Backlash Jaw Couplings for Start-Stop Applications

Customizable jaw couplings are designed with failsafe features and comply to industry standards.
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Engineers Bring Pride, Experience to Their Craft—and it Pays

Machine Design’s Salary Survey finds compensation grows as the job market remains tight and technology plays a prominent role.
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Multi-material 3D printing enables users to seamlessly integrate PCBs, heaters and circuits into larger prints.

Q&A: Exploring the Future of Multi-Material 3D Printing

What are the challenges and applications for this emergent technology in additive manufacturing? Ramsey Stevens, CEO of nano3Dprint, offers his take on the topic.
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Using Injection Molding to Design a “Smart” Wheelchair Fit for Family

To robustly secure plastic housings for the wheelchair accessory, the part incorporated threaded metal inserts into molded plastic housings to improve strength.
The InPen is an FDA-cleared smart insulin pen for people on multiple daily injections. The integrated system provides real-time glucose readings alongside insulin dose information. Users have the ability to see their information in real-time, making it easier to make smarter dosing decisions to manage their sugar levels.

Alleged Insulin Pen Data Breach Sounds Alarm on Data Protection for Patients

Medtronic Diabetes has been hit with a lawsuit alleging its InPen system’s tracking tools collect and share personal data without obtaining requisite consent and authorization...
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2023 IDEA Awards: SiTime is the Big IDEA Winner

All votes have been tabulated, and now it's time to reveal the best new product innovations of 2023.