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ICYMI: What Was Displayed at IME West 2024?

We rounded up just a few of the products and technology you missed if you weren’t able to attend the show.
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MD&M West 2024: Record-setting Rainfall Didn’t Keep Attendees Away from the Monday MiniTec Track

The opening day of sessions didn’t disappoint as the MiniTec track was well-attended, despite the weather.
Outlook on Precision Manufacturing of Medical Devices

MD&M West 2024: Brace for a Medical Devices Value Chain Overhaul

Ascential Technologies’ Todd Martensen helps us ramp up for MD&M West 2024 by discussing the dynamics behind revitalizing the value chain.
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Need Help Mapping Your Show? Planning Tips and Highlights for MD&M West 2024

The annual show brings the medical device sector together with the broader sector of industrial solutions. Here’s a sampling of MedTech topics, technologies and products to check...
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4D Printing: The Next Dimension of Advanced Manufacturing

Researchers envisage 4D printing technology will have significant application potential for healthcare, automotive, aerospace and consumer industries. But what is it exactly? ...
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Medical Device Maker Enhances its Packaging 3D Printing Workflow with a Benchtop Multiplier Pressure Former

When its FDM process alone was inefficient for creating prototypes, Oertli 3D printed positive molds to serve as a thermoforming template for the Mayku Multiplier.
Ruland Manufacturing Inc.

Ruland’s Zero-Backlash Jaw Couplings for Start-Stop Applications

Customizable jaw couplings are designed with failsafe features and comply to industry standards.
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Engineers Bring Pride, Experience to Their Craft—and it Pays

Machine Design’s Salary Survey finds compensation grows as the job market remains tight and technology plays a prominent role.
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R&D Spotlight: Inventing Wearable Sensors that Monitor Uric Acid in Sweat

Purdue engineers have developed non-invasive, wearable biosensors that will measure uric acid levels.