Quick Stick: 3M’s New Medical Tape Stays Put

Feb. 16, 2023
Machine Design met with the scientist behind the adhesive material at MD&M West 2023.


3M Unveils Longwearing Medical Tape at MD&M West 2023 

Product Teasers for a Productive Booth Crawl at IME West 2023

3M unveiled a new medical adhesive tape at MD&M West 2023 in Anaheim, Calif. The product, known as 3M Medical Tape 4578, can stick to the skin for up to 28 days and is intended for use with a wide array of health monitors, sensors and long-term medical wearables, noted the company. 

The medical tape can be stored for up to a year, giveing medical device makers more flexibility, said Audrey Sherman, a division scientist at 3M Company in the Medical Solutions Division, who led the development of the tape. 

Adhesion is the critical part of a glucose monitor. If it falls off, the sensor fails, Sherman pointed out. The medical adhesive can stick to the skin for up to 28 days. It outperforms former innovations; prior to 2022, the standard wear time for extended adhesives was up to 14 days.

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