Microchip Technology Inc.
R1 221020 Dpm Pr Hybrid Power Drive Module 9x5
R1 221020 Dpm Pr Hybrid Power Drive Module 9x5
R1 221020 Dpm Pr Hybrid Power Drive Module 9x5
R1 221020 Dpm Pr Hybrid Power Drive Module 9x5
R1 221020 Dpm Pr Hybrid Power Drive Module 9x5

Microchip Technology’s Hybrid Power Drive Module Suitable for MEA Flight Control Systems

July 12, 2023
Hybrid Power Drive (HPD) modules from Microchip Technology Inc. are useful for the conversion from hydraulic to electric in flight control systems.

Aircraft manufacturers looking to reduce weight and design complexities by converting flight control systems from hydraulic to electric can benefit from Microchip Technology’s Hybrid Power Drive Modules.

The all-in-one HPD module can be customized using silicon carbide or silicon, which the company says reduces power solution size and weight for electric aircraft.

  • Key features HPD modules include:
  • SiC technology that enables higher power density and lower switching losses
  • stable temperature behavior for reliable operation
  • mechanically robust packaging that is environmentally friendly
  • solderable terminals for PCB mounting
  • high thermal conductivity and low junction-to-case thermal resistance with direct heatsink mounting to reduce cooling requirements.

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Integrated Devices Offer Standard and Optional Capabilities

The company reports the highly integrated power semiconductor devices are designed to reduce the number of components and simplify the overall system design. A three-bridge topology is available in SiC or Si semiconductor technologies.

Auxiliary power devices enable an inrush current limit function and optional add-on capabilities include soft start, solenoid interface drive, regenerative brake switch and thermal sensors for external monitoring circuitry usage. HPD modules also allow for high-switching frequency power generation, which the company says enables smaller and more efficient systems.

Standard voltage ranges from 650V to 1200V, with the option to customize up to 1700V. The device is designed for low inductances for high-power density with power and signal connectors that are solderable directly on the user’s printed circuit board.

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