Handy shaft collars hold their own

Jan. 1, 2010
Simple and ubiquitous, the trusty shaft collar is one of the most useful components in the power transmission industry. Used alone, collars act as mechanical

Simple and ubiquitous, the trusty shaft collar is one of the most useful components in the power transmission industry. Used alone, collars act as mechanical stops, locating components, and bearing faces. As an accessory to other components, they often hold motor and gearbox assemblies together. Here is the problem: Traditional shaft collars use single or double tangential screws — setscrews — which work well, but can mar shafts and take time and effort to position correctly.

A new design allows precise tightening by hand and doesn't leave marks: The Quick Clamping Shaft Collar from Ruland Manufacturing Co. Inc., Marlborough, Mass., features a low-profile integral clamping lever. These easy-to-use collars are suited for quick positioning adjustments in light-duty stationary or low-rpm rotating shaft applications that require frequent setup changes or adjustments. These collars are also a good choice where tools are not practical. To illustrate: On printing presses, rolls of media are positioned on shafts before production. With the new quick-clamping collar, adjustments or changes of raw material can be easily made without tools, improving operator and machine productivity. Other applications include adjusting fixtures and guide rails, using the clamp as a spacer, and combining collars with light-duty split hub components such as gears and sprockets.


On display: Quick Clamping Shaft Collars

Key features: The collar's integral clamping lever can be opened by hand, to allow positioning of the collar on a shaft; the lever also closes by hand, and flush with the collar's outer surface.

What it means to you: Quick, easy, tools-free positioning for applications that require rapid setup or frequent changeover.

What else: The lever's cam and the mating machined collar surface ensure a tight fit with maximum axial load of 35 to 120 lb, depending on collar bore size; single-point facing ensures perpendicularity and proper alignment; made of high-quality aluminum with Type-II sulfuric anodized finishes; RoHS and REACH compliant.

Innovator: Ruland Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Marlborough, Mass.
(508) 485-1000

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