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April 1, 2010
Bearings face two challenges in dirty or washdown environments: keeping out contamination, and keeping lubricant safe inside. Single and multi-lip designs

Bearings face two challenges in dirty or washdown environments: keeping out contamination, and keeping lubricant safe inside. Single and multi-lip designs are often employed here, but these tend to increase drag and fail.

Another solution is E-Z KLEEN and ULTRA KLEEN bearings from Baldor Electric Corp. — Dodge, Greenville, S.C. The bearings feature mechanically retained QuadGuard seals that have two contact points on the inner ring and one that rides against a flinger surface to keep out contamination and keep in lubricants. The molded-rubber flinger provides contaminant shielding. If moisture or contamination manages to work into the bearing, an extended-diameter rubber baffle on the flinger extends to outside the bearing, and increases centrifugal acceleration during rotation to expel the ingress.

Internal grease chambers on the cage also prevent the bearing's H1 food-grade grease from escaping. Even after 24-hour salt fog tests, the largely stainless bearings (and their inserts) show no corrosion.


On display: DODGE E-Z KLEEN and ULTRA KLEEN bearings

Key features: Extends life in wet and dirty environments; patented triple-lip seal and rubberized flinger; Maxlife ball cage retains lubrication and prevents washout; stainless inserts; 65° setscrews for maximum locking force without compromising inner ring strength

What it means to you: Longer service life in dirty environments for more uptime; choice of polymer and stainless housings.

What else: E-Z KLEEN bearings with patented TDNC-coated insert in up to 2-in. bore, or larger custom sizes; ULTRA KLEEN with stainless inserts in up to 2-in. bore. Both in stainless or polymer housings — latter has anti-microbial agents that retard bacteria and fungus growth, available in pillow blocks, tapped base, two and four-bolt flanges, flanged bracket, and takeups. 300-series stainless housings available in same plus LF/LFT and narrow and wide slot takeups.

Made in the USA: Manufactured in Rogersville, Tenn.

Innovator: Baldor Electric Corp. — Dodge
(864) 297-4800

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